5 thoughts on “Swirls”

    This is interesting and a little bit different, I like to see people experimenting. I quite like the large swirly grey brush stroke effect but find it a bit strong here. It seems that the image in the background of the buildings has been flipped (you can still see the ‘back to front’ writing through the swirls). Compositionally, I think it would be better without the flip putting the brightest part of the building to the right.

  2. I’m thinking this is possibly a reflection in a whitewashed shop window, hence the reflected text in the image. It’s really well spotted and the composition weighting to the base works well.

  3. Definitely different and because it’s ‘unclear’ it makes you look at it and explore it. The image probably asks more questions than it answers, but that’s part of its magic. Definitely a Marmite photo! As it’s Colin’s I’m thinking he has spotted this, it’s the kind of thing he does well.

  4. Great reflection, thought at first the swirls were hair. Its an image that the more you look at it , the more you see. The face? in the window ‘Physco’ it becomes quite scary

  5. For my simple mind this is all a bit confusing and no clear focus point – however it was well spotted and it does make us think – I’m sure we would have spent some time discussing the print!!

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