Tillman – Taking the Bend


From the Eddie Soens Memorial Cycle Race at Aintree.

DIANNE The first thing you see is the pained expression of the lead rider. The curve created by cyclists takes your eye round the image. The movement in the images is a little overdone for my tastes and I struggle to ficus on it . The mono makes the image less complicated.

GORDON Like the low view point , I would just darken the top right corner slightly or just loose the trees in the background (top right) so the viewer can concentrate on the lead rider.

OLIVER The shape of the image has been captured well, however I find the the panning /’motion blur’ all over the image (apart from the lead cyclists face) a bit disconcerting?

KEN The composition and monochrome are very good, my beef comes with the glasses! There ought to be rule, in all sports, against the wearing of dark glasses during a race – photographers need the eyes to capture the pain, exhaustion or elation of the subject. Here I think a good expression has been lost because of the glasses.

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