6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Rhododendron Gordon”

  1. This is a bush you’d see in many parks and posh gardens, once much loved by the rich & famous. It has a checked history and I think this image shows that. The heart shape of the flowering bush being restrained by the metal fence.

  2. I like the composition of this. Initially you see the beautiful bush, but then the railing takes you to the path and you are wondering what else is to be seen

  3. Big splash of bold, dynamic colour that has initial impact, but perhaps lacks sufficient detail/subject to retain your interest.

  4. Big bold and bright with the path leading the viewer to the rear of the bush. The rail also acts as a pseudo container for the bush.

  5. Very colourful and a fine example of a rhododendron. Something strange going on in top LH corner?

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