7 thoughts on “Tillman – Animated Bar Conversation”

  1. Interesting people photography. There’s a conversation going out but the lady on the left is detracted and not really listening. It definitely tells a story. The legs are the same tone as the faces and distract the viewer away from the faces and my eye wanders to the blank wall at the back.

  2. I imagine this as the woman on the left has turned her head as she has just told her friend something uncomfortable – this I surmise from her friend’s open mouth and shocked expression. An image that makes you think. I’d be tempted to do a severe crop and just use the top half of the image

  3. Candid photography like this is not something I excel at but which I admire and the expressions are great. I do find the back of the chair very dominant in the shot but suspect there is nothing to be done about that.

  4. It’s difficult to determine what is going on between the two figures and that’s what makes this a thought provoking shot. Mono thecwayvto go to remove any distractions, but I think I would darken the lower section though.

  5. Yes great interaction, would love to know the story that’s being told. You have captured the moment, again I wouldn’t change a thing as it a natural setting

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