Vino_ My Precious


VINO_ MY PRECIOUS  this was for a competition at work called ‘Something you Treasure’ it is called – ‘Vino – My Precious’. Whilst it won the organisers vote the Manager who judged the comp liked ‘baby/family’ images better – can’t win them all! OLIVER is looking forward to your thoughts. 

6 thoughts on “Vino_ My Precious”

  1. Any excuse to open a bottle of red – hope it was a good one. The composition is great, but the labels on the bottles in the background are a bit bright and distract even though you’ve softened them. nicely with good control of DoF.

  2. I like the title, made me smile a little. The wine pouring has been caught well but I agree with the other comments that the labels are a little light but good to see something different.

  3. I wonder if this would work better with a plainish background. Agree the labels distracting, perhaps choose bottles with darker labels – if you have any left!

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