6 thoughts on “Viveiro”

  1. The pale tones with the faded house are a little familiar :0). The square format gives Makes it feel one of many. It needs something more to make it sing.

  2. Quite like the treatment here. My only concern is that the lamppost feels as though it is a separate image and apart from the tones, does not feel an integral part of the image.

  3. I like the faded aged treatment. It would be improved if there was some texture around the lamppost so that it became part of the image. Also, get rid of the satellite dish as once you’ve seen it then is draws the eye.

  4. After reading the comments, possibly reduce the size of the lamppost. It would be up to the second set of windows & there’s a straight line at the side which is slightly distracting. I agree with Chris, the dish is very distracting.

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