Waif with Stray

KEAN is looking forward to your comments on WAIF WITH STRAY

DIANNE The central composition of the main figure works well. The blue colour tones reminds me of Phil Barbers work. The lightest part of the image is the face which takes the eye to the focal point but the imbalance of the cats face looking bright, makes your eye pingpong between the two. There a light/mug that’s hidden in the corner which is distracting.  

CHRIS E I like the colour tones on this image, but agree that the cat and mug are distractions. I would like to see them subdued so that they are barely visible which would put the whole focus on the face.

OLIVER The treatment of the main character has been done really well down to the grubby fingernails, however I find the cat too ‘clean’ and illuminated too well which distracts. 

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