8 thoughts on “Who’s Playing Who?”

  1. Great action shot with everybody in the shot getting in on the action, even though I susupect there is only one person who actually knows where the ball is. The steam and mud add to the drama.
    If Bruegel had painted sports….

  2. Looks like great fun but don’t want the laundry afterwards :O( The action is right there to see, excellent.I think the muted colours work really well.

  3. Really good image. Great expressions, The rising steam tells the story of great physical effort on what is probably a cold day. There is a slight feeling of running downhill left to right.

  4. A moment well caught with the little fella on the right looking hopeful! Works in mono and the presumably high ISO helps the grungy feel.

  5. Takes me back to my County rugby playing days! – great capture of the drama and conditions the match is being played in.

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