9 thoughts on “Wine or Chocolate”

  1. Love the chocolates and the wine. A well seen image, I hadn’t realised it was there (one for the list). There’s lots to look at and I like the balance between the two signs. I want to move the frame down a tad to include more of the people at the bottom.

  2. Great evening shot, some sky to add purpose. Lights well handled, apart from the menu light mid frame – could it be toned down? Wine merchants more popular (why?) and again id like to see more of the people. Are there people in front of the chocolate shop – bit blocky.

  3. An intriguing shot that I found myself drawn into trying to make sense of whether the upstairs windows looked through to the interior or reflected the view across the street or a mixture of both. Why was the skyline was so different. If as I suspect this is two shots joined then the lighting has been very well handled. Really enjoyed looking at this shot….thank you.

  4. Lots to see and examine in this shot. I agree with the others that I would like to see more of the people.

  5. It is a single shot. The two buildings are actually on an angle and so the windows are looking in slightly diferent directions, which is what first caught my eye.
    Unfortunately, along the curb in front of the seated customers was a concrete and steel barrier, put there either because of the Covid, or the terrible incident here a few years ago.
    Thank you for the comments.

  6. Love the reflections, the fore-ground is a little dark (chocolate) for my taste.. see what I did there?!!

  7. It has a vibrance about it, although I agree with the above comments about being on the dark side certainly at the bottom

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