At Garstang Show

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8 thoughts on “At Garstang Show”

  1. The square crop is a great choice for this image, the figure with the sheep has a characterful expression. The sheep in the pen give it a real sense of place. The guy on the bail causes a few problems. Lightest part of the image etc. It would be stronger if he as removed but thats not an easy job.

  2. I like the figure with the sheep and the overall image does convey what its like at an agricultural show. However the background figure i find distracting.

  3. Ken, Good to see you on here, I think its all been said, just delete the guy in the background, easier said than done I know.

  4. Hi Ken,
    Love the man in the foreground, i think it would be difficult
    to remove the man in the background. I like the treatment though.

  5. As the others have commented, the man in the background is distracting. I would also like the orange band on the front man’s wrist to either be removed or desaturated

  6. A great reflection on what agriculture shows are like – hard work (shown by character at the back) and pimping up farm animals (guy in the front). Garstang is great one day show – maybe next year…!

  7. Lovely agricultural scene. Farmers take great pride in their stock and it looks like this prize ram has done well. Lovely expression on the lads face, well caught.As with the other comments, I’m not sure the second man helps, awkward arm/hand position and facial expression. I wondered whether making this mono would help reduce the impact (with a bit of fiddling) of the second man and concentrate the viewer on the lad and his ram?

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