6 thoughts on “Brow Gill Cave”

  1. Works well in mono, pleased to see that the flowing water is not burnt out and the diagonal composition adds to the dynamism of the image. I can’t make my mind up about the amount of ‘bottom’ to the image.

  2. Like the the water treatment, and that has been handled extremely well, I think there is too much in the bottom of the picture, try cropping all the rocks out, and it will concentrate the viewer on the waterfall. At the moment I feel you have two images, the Rocks at the bottom and the waterfall. It a matter of choice I know
    Its an excellent monochrome image, should make a good print

  3. Great mono conversion. The composition has been well thought through and waters fluffiness and shapes are spot on.
    The rocks give a good base but the light and dark rocks create a contrast to the eye which makes it an uncomfortable area. Possibly lighten the darker rock to see if it helps?
    Looking forward to seeing the print.

  4. Great image -love the detail and textures in the rocks, the water effect works well and hold the image together. Perhaps a little darkening to the base?

  5. It’s either darken the foreground or soften the rocks in the middle ground a bit; one or the other has to be the centre of interest.

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