6 thoughts on “Chilling Out”

  1. I really like the colours used and the pose of the cat in this image. Initially, I tried a quick crop in from the right but having seen the two together, I prefer it as it is with the extra space. I would maybe add just a very small amount of contrast to the eyes.

  2. This certainly has the aR factor! The eyes have it and the colours work well. Maybe just needs to be a bit darker around the right hand paw

  3. How can you fail to like an image that contains a face like that. I think that it might be improved by making her eyes a little more vibrant

  4. I’ve got two of these rascals and this image really sums them up. Would like to see a but more clarity in the head and push the eyes.
    I’ll have to have a go at photographing mine – if I can keep them still for more than a millisecond!

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