8 thoughts on “Chris – Monkey House”

  1. A great image that was so well seen. I think Tillman has a good point ditch the adult. One minor point there seems to be a reflection or something across the top of the glasses of one child extending into those on either side…could that be edited out.

  2. This brings back so many memories … school trips with 5 year olds! The little boy in the middle just makes it. The mono takes away all the distractions to simply see faces. The adult adds to the story as she looks like she’s a child who isn’t where it should be. Just tidy the reflections a little for me. It should do well in exhibitions.

  3. Great shot, envious! I would have probably cropped the top half of the picture leaving the adult out.

  4. The expressions on the children’s faces are priceless. Like Colin I would have cropped out the adult.

  5. Its one just for the children, love the expressions on their faces. ‘Teacher’ has to go
    Well caught

  6. Great expressions on the childrens faces, super learning environment. The teacher adds a dynamic that pulls the viewer away.

  7. Kids doing what they do best – monkeying around and pulling faces – brilliant. – sack the adult!

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