4 thoughts on “Colin – Look into the future”

  1. Interesting capture and I spent quite a time reading the script. It is definitely an image for monochrome and I would consider boosting the contrast just a tab to enhance the crazing on the head. The hand troubles me as it is so large compared to the head, plus the join of the thumb between the two images is off

  2. A cracking image (see what I did there) that is both technically good and visually interesting. I agree with Chris’s views on the hand and wonder if it is actually needed?

  3. The diptych works well and has a great theme running through it. I think to fit the theme the text on the hand needs to be big to read it. The little niggles, remove the white area that intrudes in the head shot and even the cloth on the side of the shot as its toned slightly lighter than the head.

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