8 thoughts on “Colin – Looking for Perfection”

  1. This one certainly made me think and ask questions. Is he peeping tom? What did he see through the window? This had to be a Colin image, well seen and a bit of humour. The only possible change would be to remove the small triangle of sun/shadow near the edge of the show.

  2. Initial thoughts will always be that he is a peeping Tom and the image puts me in mind of the old farce Confessions Of A Window Cleaner. It is probably all very innocent – or is it!

  3. Another cracker, you’re on a roll Colin. A wonderful example of an observed or found image that captures life in the raw. Lots of stories to be made up with this one. It the sign (text) that makes the image so interesting, without it, it is just a man on a ladder.

  4. It all going on in that room……….The imagination runs wild all due to the words on the poster. Brilliantly seen . and wouldn’t change a thing

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