7 thoughts on “Colin – Protesters”

  1. Nice bit of Photo Journalism here. The whole story is there, yet you can isolate individuals and the inclusion of the ‘little one’ as a protester just adds even more impact and human interest. Fab social comment. White headgear between the two front adults could be toned down a bit.

  2. This image says so much with people who are there and people who are missing. What a powerful story of what looks to be a peaceful protest. Agree about toning down the white headgear

  3. This has so much emotion and the additional photos really bring the story home. The child holding the poster is disturbing. Mono as usual spot on.

  4. Great example of how an image can on occasions say far more than the spoken or written word. An image that disturbs and evokes compassion at the same time. Well seen and photographed. I do agree about the white headscarf though.

  5. Works on many levels, the protester on the LHS looking right down the barrel of your lens and the little girl look at her, makes for a strong composition. The white headscarf needs a bit of attention

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