Dark Side of the Guggenheim


TILLMAN is looking forward to your thoughts on DARK SIDE OF THE GUGGENHEIM

Another from my “Dark Side”.  Such magnificent architecture deserves something special.  It’s not meant to be a record of the building, just playing with the shapes and dark/light surfaces. I reckon it could work on a slightly textured paper.

9 thoughts on “Dark Side of the Guggenheim”

  1. I really like the composition, the light and the shapes of this image… and the sky is just right. This style of photography appeals to me a lot, it is something that I have tried quite a few times in the past but never really stuck with, I think because it has never done that well for me in competitions but, like I say, I do like it a lot. As it is, I think this image is a tad too dark for me, especially in the middle to right area, although this maybe just on my monitor. Maybe a slight Levels up adjustment and then a slight contrast curve might help it. There is also what looks like a small triangular shape that looks like it needs removing, bang in the middle of the image where the sky meets the building, maybe it was missed when adding the sky. Great image, Well Done!

  2. Love the dark sinister/sci-fi feel of this. Touches of light draw your eye and then you move on to the next. The texture of the building is used so well. Super Image. Love to see the print. Paper suggestion, Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin.

  3. First impression, it was another planet. Composition brilliant, and bold processing. I hope you print it, it would look good on an exhibition wall

  4. Very strong image with great composition. I am drawn more to the left hand side is it because it has the brightest area? Get a bank loan and get it printed!!

  5. Strong image. really like the darkness – the lighter areas pull my eye around the composition. As others have said, I’d love to see this in print.

  6. Love the darkness and the ominous feel of this. Should be futuristic but feels more reminiscent of 1930s German cinema. Brilliant. Love to see it printed.

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