7 thoughts on “Des Res”

  1. Great image of your neighbours house opposite!
    What a powerful image, love the treatment, sky is great especially the grainyness.
    only issue for me is the light lines to the left of the super cottage and what appears to be a bit of fence further to the left.
    Mono is the way to go with this.

  2. The crop and treatment on this works well. It adds to the dereliction of the surrounding environment. I agree with James about the trees/fence being a little bright. It would like great on a piece of art textured paper.

  3. I will join in with the ‘Gritty’ word for this one. I like the treatment, the grain in the sky especially works really well. The cottage makes a great focal point and the exposure on it is spot on. If anything for me, the large section on the left under the sky is the weakest area… I find it a bit too dark/undetailed in the tree area, maybe a crop in from the left and some localised dodging would help.

  4. The positioning and framing and mono treatment applied to this are great however the ‘gritty’ noise is a little over powering for me – maybe as a print?

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