7 thoughts on “Deserted”

  1. This is fascinating, it has an IR feel to it. The tracks give you a good lead in to the building. This image reminded me of the sci-fi movie of a planets surface. It asks questions as many of your images do. I think I’d darken down the whites a little. Really different, looking forward to seeing which paper you’d print it on.

  2. This is a good image and makes me think of a prisoner of war camp. Very thought provoking. I agree with Di about the whites.

  3. I’m with the sci-fi theme – it has the feel of a lunar landing and tracks of the lunar buggies. The absence of humanity adds to the feeling of loneliness. Great image

  4. Sci-Fi for me! Just a bit bright in some areas. Initially I thought the lighter sky area (top right) was not right, but when the image is considered as a ‘moon/planet’ landscape that fits in perfectly. A very tricky image to assess.

  5. As Tillman says a tricky image to assess, not so sure about the Si-Fi as the “surface” looks other worldly the structure is very definitely an earthy shed. Interesting no the less.

  6. Took me straight to the moon landings with a hint of IR.
    Would have liked the sky to be more uniformly black though. Tyre tracks lead in almost to the steps and into the Lifeguard hut, always believed there were seas on the moon!
    Perhaps darken the back of the hut slightly?

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