6 thoughts on “Dianne – The Screens”

  1. There is so much to see in this image that I could look at it for ages. Initially you see the two main characters, and then you are drawn to the screens – each a different colour. Then the seats which again are different colours. A really engaging image.

  2. Interesting, what are they watching??
    I think a bit of PS needed here, realign the heads so that they are in the gaps between the screens and make the chairs, and anything else that’s horizontal, parallel to the imager base – my OCD unfortunately.

  3. I find this a well balanced image with several different symmetrical elements. The heads do not bother me but the distance from the bottom of the image to the start of the seats is slightly greater on the left than right. I think this shows because everything else is symmetrical. Good story telling feel.

  4. No OCD here but I can see the pint Tillman was making. Very much something I would have taken, well seen.

  5. Interesting positioning of background and characters – agree about bottom of the chairs – would make it stronger for me

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