8 thoughts on “Duddo Stones”

  1. Took me a while to settle into this image. There is an ethereal feel to the stones, each a different shape and suggesting a different story. The sky is in keeping with the mood and the mono treatment makes the image. Would love to see this as a print.

  2. The treatment given to the image initially gives an uneasy feel with my eye struggling against the sense of movement which has been applied – interesting and moody but not one for me – sorry!

  3. I love the mystery surrounding standing stones if any kind. The mono is an interesting choice and adds to the atmosphere. But not sure about the blur on the clouds Possibly reduce the amount ?

  4. I have looked at this for a few days before
    Commenting on it. I must say I find the sky
    Very disturbing but perhaps this is not a bad
    Thing, it seems to go with the standing stones and nice to see more mono images on here.

  5. Would love to see a print. The sky adds the mystery to the image, is it over done? I like it as it is. The composition works

  6. Really like this. Love the different shapes of each of the stones and I think the sky adds a sense of mystery. Well done on getting the clouds moving in different directions.

  7. I would like to see the blur on the clouds reduced somewhat. As we all keep saying – would love to see the print

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