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Can we enter SRGB Print Celebration images?

Image that have been entered but not accepted can be entered. Any images Accepted or Awarded in the SRGB Print Celebration will not be eligible for the Competitions and DiP Awards.

How do you know they’re my prints?

All you have to do is write on the back your info. See The Basics

What Size paper?

All paper sizes etc are on The Basics Page

All entries should be on A4 or A3 sheets of paper. Print sizes are created to fit Mounts & Frames.

Darkroom/Wet print sized paper 16×12 but the Max size for the mounts.

Do I have to enter every month?

No, There are nine opportunities to enter. The choice is yours, enter when you want to.

It’s an Open Competition with an additional themes for the Exhibition to consider for the end of the year.

Can I get my Non Accepted Prints the back?

Of course, as long the postage is paid they will be return to you ASAP. Then they’re available to resubmit if you wish.

Accepted or Awarded Prints, when will I get my prints back?

All prints that are chosen will be kept for annual Judging. They will be returned if postage was originally paid after the Exhibition Closes.

Isn’t it Expensive?

If you enter  9 International/National Competition with prints it adds up to more than 9 monthly entries to DiP + postage. You get the exhibition at no extra cost. It’s the same costs as we used at SRGB Print Celebration but we mount the prints for you, therefore reducing the costs to the print workers. ie average.  approx £2.00 a mount.

If you entered 5 prints in 9 International/National Competition, mounted prints at approx £2.00 a mount. the cost of the mounts alone would cost more than entering DiP. Hope this helps.

Would It be OK to send group entries?

Of Course, as long as the individual enters and pays, they can be posted and returned (postage paid) in one box/envelope. They only things is all entrants with have to make the same choice. Return or Destroy or send two separate parcels.

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