5 thoughts on “Fishing for Lug Worms”

  1. A very pleasant image, I find it, for some reason restful and it needs all the space around the man digging up lug Worms.

  2. The triangular composition between the man,post and boat creates the shot for me. Possibly remove the other post. The tiny man busy with his bait collection in such a big landscape is as different way of looking at the task. Would colour work better?

  3. Aspect ratio suits the image perfectly, and the balance between the two poles (secondary subjects) and the man (prime subject) is good. The size of the man makes a statement about the what he is doing and where he is doing it. Tonally, the man stands out, but I’d be tempted to darken the upturned boats. This could also work as a square crop with just the man, large pole and boats as spotted by Di.

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