Going for the Line

It’s called ‘Going for the Line’ and would be printed on Oyster 270.  I’ve left it as a colour image, though I prefer the mono. Tillman.

6 thoughts on “Going for the Line”

  1. How wonderful that the central rider is dressed in red as it really draws the eye, added to which he is almost surrounded by a sea of blue. Assuming that you were to use this as a colour image I would just like to see the orange helmet and shirt behind the rider darkened so that they do not distract

  2. The lead riders facial expression is so well caught, it really makes him standout. The lead lines on the helmet take you to the face too!
    The mono has taken any of the distraction the colours in the background. The barrier standout more in the mono. My choice I think is the mono too but both work.

  3. For impact I prefer the mono but the red rider is more dominant in the colour image. How about a tad more exposure on him to separate him from the others?

  4. Great timing and well presented, would de-saturating the background colours slightly give more impact to the lead riders?

  5. For competitions mono, but for the cycling press colour. Who won?
    Its all about timing and getting into the right position which isn’t easy at some of these events. Its an excellent sports pic

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