7 thoughts on “Guard of Honour”

  1. There is something eerily spooky about this and it makes me feel uncomfortable – it instantly gets a reaction – well done.
    The colour of the dolls skin fits the feeling and the torn dress and other worldly look in the eyes adds to this.
    Do the cats add anything to the image, not sure and I guess if we have the Rose Villa and red Rose, can we see the entire Rose?

  2. Would I want to go to Rose Villa? This looks like a collector a weird museum of the unusual. It’s a bit Chucky’s sister meets the white kittens. I think the tight composition adds to atmosphere. I an odd way I like it.

  3. Definitely a bit spooky! As the text and rose are not complete in the image, could you ‘clone out’ the whole wall plaque and replace with textured wall? That would emphasise the relationship between the doll and the cats. Only a thought.

  4. Creepy, very creepy and thats just the cats! Not sure I would want them or the doll in my house, but well seen and captured – it asks me why? and that has to be a good thing!

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