Haves and Have Nots


HAVES AND HAVE NOTS taken a few years ago from a boat trip on the Nile – the pharaohs probably saw similar scenes thousands of years ago. Looking forward to your thoughts OLIVER

7 thoughts on “Haves and Have Nots”

  1. A well seen record of “real” live. This is made even more thought provoking as the women class this as a social outing

  2. It’s great to see the theme being extended to reflect each members view point. This fits perfectly and the human element really drives the point home. The Orange figure creates a great focal point too.

  3. Great travel shot. A timeless scene I’m sure we’ve all seen in various areas around the world. I really enjoyed taking my eye through the scene, lots of detail.

  4. Yes, fits the theme with the added human interest , I agree regarding the the person in Red . However a good record / travel photograph

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