7 thoughts on “Isolated”

  1. I really like this. The colours and emotion of the melancholy mood that illustrates the new norm we live in. The hands/arms are well positioned. Possibly darkening down the one that hold her head up. The included table top that she’s leaning on has a blue hue this could be toned down a little to stop the eye drifting down the image.

  2. Fab use of colour and tone, the subtle softness/diffusion and the facial expression suits the mood of the image (or vice versa). The hand on the right is probably a bit bright.

  3. This is a lovely, almost painterly image and the model is totally at ease. Personally I would remove the raindrop from her lip as it almost looks like a skin imperfection, and also the one on her right hand is rather bright and draws the eye

  4. I do like this image, it has a great colour palette and a nice warm feel to it. I agree with Dianne about the blue at the bottom of the image. I also agree that the wrist and hand are a little too bright. The hard line of the edge of the frame against the bright arm keeps pulling my eye. I wish the subject could have been a little over to the left as this would have brought her into the frame more and also solved the hard line/edge issue (with a little burning).

  5. Not your usual style Colin, but I do like it! I’m not too sure about the texture on the face as it, particularly the spot beneath her lip, it looks like a piercing, If it is a stud I’d clone it out.

  6. Unusual and moody portrait with great use of colour and textures. Agree about the raindrop on the lip being a distraction and the hand being bright.
    I think more muted colour would enhance the feeling of isolation.

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