8 thoughts on “JAMES – Off for a Chinese”

  1. This has a real sense of history in the text information. The original name of the building also name of the Chinese supermarket . Not only that but it shows text in two languages. The figures give it that bit extra.

  2. Fits the theme very well and the people add to the narrative. I bet the menu is interesting. A good quality image

  3. This was probably a splendid building in its time judging by the name. At least its still being put to good use.

  4. Making me hungry looking at it. I like the way the red text is jumping out of the frame, and the people add interest to keep us in the frame.

  5. Clean, clear and sharp – the text dominates, which it should for this theme, and the people put the text into context, add narrative and human interest. I like the way it’s cropped to just the building, but a little work in PS (or your preferred image editing software) to make the horizontal lines parallel to the bottom edge would have been ‘the icing on the cake’.

  6. Hits the challenge well. Not sure the bottom road markings add a lot and I might have cropped just below the double yellow(keeping them in to balance yellow further up)

  7. Lots to look at in this image and it fits theme well. Agree with Steve about cropping the bottom of the image.

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