5 thoughts on “King Arthur”

  1. A cracking image which leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling about his missing parts until you read the title. There is so much detail and this is so powerful

  2. Great tonality, glad you converted to monochrome. The statue does look a bit odd on first viewing with the missing bits but it is what it is.

  3. Super monochrome. Quite disturbing. Supporting sky with the light parts in just the right places. Looking forward to seeing a print.

  4. Great Mono image but the lightest part of the image is the cloud right where the hole is and once I see it it takes my eye every time away from the rest of the King Arthur. Could you please, please darken the cloud behind the statue.

  5. It does play tricks on the eye/mind. you visual it with the gaps filled in. There’s an uneasiness about it. Creating a visual response is always s good thing.

    It’s very defined, possible darken round the edges to create a distance in the state from the B/G ?

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