7 thoughts on “Lavender Field-Rob”

  1. I like the letterbox crop of this one. The curves really add to the image and lead the eye to the end

  2. Not the usual lavender filed image – I like this view with the curves and ‘textured’ purple lanes

  3. Very different to the usual lavender image. It has initial impact but not sure if there is enough interest to keep you looking.

  4. Nice soft treatment and colours work well as does the curve. I did wonder if the curve was a photoshop addition but decided it did not matter as it certainly added to the interest of the shot.

  5. Some lovely colours here and although I like the curve and letterbox, I’m left wanting a bit more.

  6. Format and crop works perfectly. I would have have given the colours a bit more oomph, but that’s me, it is ok as it is!
    ( that’s a technical term for slightly more intensity)

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