9 thoughts on “Dianne – Leaving”

  1. Very good indeed. Great story, reinforced by the title and the railway lines leading into a vague distance. Positioning and size of the main elements add up to a strong visual. Just enough blue in the image to balance the abundance of warm tones. He doesn’t look apprehensive enough about leaving into a vague distance and all that represents.

  2. Great story telling and I like the lead of the railway lines going towards the buildings. The colours, tones and textures are just right for the storyline that this image tells. I agree with Tillman that there is something not quite right about his expression.

  3. Like it. Good eye contact and storytelling. I find the difficulty with a lot of such reenactments is the age of the re-enactors. A bit like camera clubs not many younger members. Not a lot to do about that.

    1. I think it depends on your story definition. We had Home Guard in UK as the younger soldiers went to war. Therefore an older person in uniform is more than possible.

  4. Great background and portrait, I just feel that the background should be a bit more realistic because the subject is so real. Or Vise versa,

  5. I like this a lot. The one thing that troubles me is his pink T shirt. When I first viewed it I thought that he had a lot of loose neck skin.

  6. Rob – you made me laugh – ‘a lot of loose neck skin’ !!- brilliant. The first image works better for me.

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