8 thoughts on “Lifeboat Station”

  1. Really like the mono treatment and the moodiness. However I’m undecided about the amount of rock in the foreground, as it draws my eye away from the subject itself – the building. Having said that the line of blackish seaweed pulls the eye from the bottom left along the shore to the rails and then to the building. lovely sky but I think a pdi does not do this image justice. Print please.

  2. I tend to agree with James’ comment that the image feels more about the rocks and sky rather than the building which is dwarfed by the former. Great textures and shapes in rocks and sky.

  3. Great mono image. Only a little niggle, my eye keeps going to the white RNLI flag
    Just passed the end of the building

  4. I think the balance between the rocks and the life boat house is about right. Maybe a bit more texture in the rocks , but its a good picture.
    I’m not sure about the flag, I think I would have still kept it in.

  5. Full of contrasting shapes and textures, which gives the photo a lot visual interest. Perhaps a bit more contrast in the rocks and sky would add to that interest. The balance between the rocks, building and sky depends on what you want to say about the ‘scene’, and more often than not, the viewer assumes that the title defines the image, which in this case is the Lifeboat Station, so the viewer expects the main part of the image to be the LS, as opposed to a more pictorial image using the LS as a point of interest.

  6. Like the composition with the seaweed leading the eye to the station. Definitely think a darker sky would improve this no end. I would also add more contrast to the rocks. Perhaps you could lighten the windows on the station, as if it was dusk.

  7. I agree with Bernard that the flag is distracting, but I like the composition as it leads you to the building

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