DIANNE .The overall impact of the image is good and the sky trials are distorted enough to add interest. Possibly add a vignette to highlight the tree more and reduce the distractions of light at the edges of the image.

KEAN I like the sky in this Landscape which has good, but not too much, interest. The position of the light in the sky behind the tree is just right. However, I do feel that a better atmosphere would have been created if the shot had been taken when the sun was lower down in the sky. The light at this time of day has created harsh deep shadows which are a distraction. The tree makes a good focal point but I find the large rock in the foreground is acting as an obstacle which is preventing a nice lead in to the image. Maybe a different position would have avoided this.

TILLMAN Fab sky, lovely range of tones and textures, but the foreground stone is too dominant. I like the idea of the dark vignette.

COLIN I liked the overall composition and didn’t mind the foreground rock as I feel it balances with tree, great sky.

GORDON The stone in the centre is a too dominate*, and there are a number of highlights that need to be addressed before printing, The sky is good and I think the overall tonal value is ok. * I wonder if it was darkened that would improve the balance?

OLIVER I like the concept of having the large boulder in the foreground however as it is fairly bright I find it difficult to move beyond it. The aircraft contrails don’t really work for me in this image – sorry! 

1 thought on “James – LIMESTONE & TREE”

  1. I also think the rock in the fore ground is too dominant but if a grad filter is applied diagonally from the top right corner and another from the bottom left corner and the highlights reduce on the rock then the tree stands out and becomes the subject of the picture.

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