6 thoughts on “Lost In Thought”

  1. A very peaceful image. Composition is good, and the colour balance throughout the image is excellent. For me, some connection with the model would be nice (eye contact?), also the foot and her right hand could be a little darker.

  2. What a great combination of colours. The fact she’s looking away from the viewer as to the calmness of the image. The square crop really works. It would be interesting to know a little more about the image.

  3. This has so much potential, and I think again should do well in exhibitions. The building , colour, and model just works together.
    Others have said it very calming

  4. Agree with all the above. Excellent composition leading the eye from the girl to the lotus flowers to the wooden rails and back to the girl.

  5. Love the model and the building, and the colours are spot on and add to the serenity of the image. I would look at perhaps cropping a bit off the top though.

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