9 thoughts on “Marsh Frog Clinging On”

  1. Love the frog and it’s good to see a vertical shot. It stands out well against the black but possibly needs something to break it up.

  2. I think I agree with the above but am blown away with the frog (or should it be leaped away!). I did wonder if a square crop may help with the black background issue?

  3. I like the frog’s position on the stem and think also that the vertical view is strong and different. Would alter the catchlight slightly. An image that I’m sure would do well in competition.

  4. Great image, well set up and captured – I find the three blips (toes of another foot?) on the stalk just above the frog a little distracting now I’ve spotted them – sorry!

  5. Well exposed, not too contrasty (not always the case with this type of photo. Lateral composition is great, but the vertical composition is too central for my taste, I think it would be more balanced if a little was cropped from the top.

    Agree with Oliver now that he’s pointed out the toes!

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