Master of Print 2021

gordon Jenkins, MOP

Tonight was a glimpse into the world of The Master of Print 2021. Presented by Gordon, who is part of the PAGB team involved in running it. Each entrant can enter five prints with any mix of the three sections,  Colour, Mono and Nature. 

He told us about the judging and selection process, how the final exhibition of 60 prints from 60 different workers  is achieved, allowing for  the exhibition to have a wide variety subjects over the three sections. 

The group enjoyed the opportunity to see the prints up close allowing us to see the print and paper combination at gained  their place in the Master of Print 2021. 

The evening brought lots of discussion  on print quality and where some areas of  photography are heading. An enjoyable evening, celebrating the achievement of a place in the Master of Print Archive. 

Looking forward to seeing the Prints next year and the new exhibition in 2024. 

The favourite of the night was the Tree in the Snow.  

gareth herbert, SRGB Group

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