Question 1

Where are we?

Which is the famous flower that creates an golden arch each year?

What did the owner Henry Pochin discover ?

Question 2

The observatory was established in 1945 by a radio astronomer, who was he?

 It’s the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world. What’s it’s diameter?

Name one of the ships the recycled gun turrets came from on the original telescope?

Question 3

Where is this Fairground?

When did it first open?

It used to be owned by the Blackpool Leisure Group who owns it now?

Question 4

Name the Sculpture?

Where is it located?

What is Stephen Broadbent’s project for the coastal area called?

Question 5

Where are we?

Which vocal story telling venue near here?

What did John Montague order 1762 at the Beef Steak Club?

Question 6

What is the Castle?

Who is the statue of?

The castle is built over a natural cavern, a large cave, what is it known as ?

Question 7

What is this and how many complete the sculpture?

When was it used ?

Where did I photograph it?

Question 8

Name the lighthouse.?

What are the waterways. ?

What does it say on the lighthouse ?

Question 9

Which building is this Sculpture outside?

Why are they thinking of removing the Robert Milligan statue, located at the same venue and why?

Which tube stations can you use to walk here in five minutes ?

Question 10

Name London Gallery ?

What is in the Basement?

What is the biggest Piece of art on display?

Question 11

Where is this building?

Whats it made from?

Whats it connection with Manchester Airport?

Question 12

In which religious building is this?

A prime ministers and his wife have their ashes are here who are they?

How many misericords does it have?

Question 13

Location of the structure?

How many days do they light?

Which famous puppet did the switch on?

Question 14

Where did I take this shot?

Who designed the Buildings?

That building can you see across the water ?

Question 15

What is the model of?

Which building was it modelled on?

What is the modren replacement “fondly” called?

Question 16

Who created the sculpture?

What award did he receive?

What’s the link between the location and the horses?

Question 17

Which bridge is this?

What decoration did it have for the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Who worked here for forty years?

Question 18

Who created the sculpture?

Which materials is it made from?

Which structure can the each figures see?

Question 19

Why was the ship painted brightly and what are they called?

Whose idea was it to paint the ships ?

What was the first painted ship ( in this style) called? ?

Question 20

What is the model of ?

Who created the model?

How many bricks did it take to create it?

Good luck and have fun. I wonder how many can you answer without using the web? :O)

Sixty Questions – Sixty Answers will anyone get them all right?

Send me an email with or answers and it will close Feb 28th

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