8 thoughts on “Northern Cycle Champs #2”

  1. The overall image colour reflects the muddy bike and rider. Her expression adds to the torment of the ride and how cold she must feel covered in mud. The wheels need spokes or wheel movement to create a less static image of the cyclist. Movement created in the background would be better moving towards the direction the bike is moving to show speed.

  2. Great technique and ‘muddy’ feel to the image, however I am a little disconcerted by the floating bike – needs some spokes or something

  3. I really like the cyclist here, you can see the determined expression in her face and also the muddy pattern on her legs is of interest too. I agree about the spokes from previous comments but I also have a problem with the background. It seems to be a mixture of horizontal and vertical motion blur which is making pattern which I find distracting. I would just concentrate on the horizontal motion blur which is more relevant to her direction of travel.

  4. The basic capture is great with the mud and her expression – she’s not having fun! As everyone has said, at least an impression of spokes would make a big difference. I also agree with Kean about the motion blur.

  5. It definitely needs spokes or at least the impression of them, and maybe a little blur on the cyclist, she’s a bit too sharp all over. Ans as already pointed out, is the direction of the background blur appropriate?

  6. Ken , its all been said, but potentially could make an excellent print with some of the comments already made

  7. The sicklist is great apart from the wheels, could you put this image up Ken for others to have a go at.

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