6 thoughts on “Out of Season 2”

  1. Strange building – which is probably why you isolated it. I like the colours and the textures, particularly the blue entrance board at the bottom, the whole thing is too constrained – must be in lock down – bit more space on the sides and on the top please.

  2. Love the beach hut and the dark moody sky. Great to see it in colour, as the colours stand out and make the hut stand out beautifully. it might look good to see it isolated on a hill or even a beach.

  3. Great start for an image, hut is good you could bring the
    sky down about 2/3 of the image fading into the dark tones
    at the bottom, really because i am not keen on the two huts
    on either side, but overall very pleasing.

  4. Great colour, texture and feel, but I agree with others that more space is needed as its too tight in the frame

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