6 thoughts on “OUT OF SEASON”

  1. Out of season
    Oh, I do like a mono by the seaside……
    Love this, like the angles, the sky – lighter in the right place. The stone wall adds texture and pushed the eye back into the picture. Suspect all ‘sheds’ different colours so a brave move to convert. 5*

  2. I agree with James, the mono is perfect for this image the shades of grey work perfectly. I just had to be mono. Great pattern picture but not sure about the sky, its softness contrasts the sharpe lines if the ‘huts’, would a more solid sky work better? Anyway great job.

  3. Bet they cost a fortune to buy.
    A brave move to change from colour to monochrome, the patterns work well, an excellent sky and very good quality.

    Really like this one, great example of a monochrome image showing lots of tonal range. I think the sky is great and for me, it makes the image… Well Done!

  5. Unusual not to have them in colour – but the image really works in mono – all angles and straight lines off set with the soft clouds – great.

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