6 thoughts on “Out of Time”

  1. This could be just a shot of some re-enactors, but the eye at the back adds a whole new dimension. The ladies are relaxed and enjoying themselves, totally unaware of the evil eye in the background. Well seen

  2. Steampunk ladies with a little added extra, gives us chance to explore the imagination a little. Possibly soften the paving slab joints by their feet.

  3. A pleasant portrait of the steam punk ladies which is made b the all seeing eye in the back ground. Would a crop just below the hand of the lady in black help focus on the story being told?

  4. The photo of the ladies is brill, but I’m not convinced that the obvious out of focus background helps at all. I understand why that’s been done taking into account the sharpness of the eye, but it just doesn’t work for me. Keep the background the same sharpness as the rest of the image, but differentiate the eye from the background by tonal/colour differences – just a thought.

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