Parys Mountain


PARYS MOUNTAIN, is on Anglesey is an amazing place. Went in 1972 on a uni Geography trip and returned in 2015. Totally different but the colours are stunning. Once a Copper Mine in North Wales. Looking forward to your thoughts JAMES

9 thoughts on “Parys Mountain”

  1. A be must visit for me when visiting Anglesey. The colours and shapes are stunning! The landscape ordination gives you a beautiful vista of the mines colours. The mill needs a little more sky at the top.

  2. A difficult place to photograph but you have caught the scale of the old copper works, with a good lead in through the image. The tower acts as a reference of scale and I agree maybe a slightly more sky would help.

  3. Always great colours here, but a difficult place to record, unless you go for abstracts. Having said that well captured and a good record of the place.

  4. Amazing colours. Agree with space at the top. I would lighten the winding track a little to lead you through the image. I love Anglesey but have not been here – yet!

  5. Great place to photograph – for my taste I feel this needs a little more ‘oomph’ to bring out the richness of the colours of the different ore deposits and possibly a little more sky

  6. Been to Anglesey many times but neer been to this place, will have to add it to the list. Great colours and textures, and crying out for a subtle touch of HDR.

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