5 thoughts on “Poseur and Lights”

  1. This has a real feeling of the Venice carnival. The sparkle in the background adds that drama to the shot. Possibly, tweak the contact slightly to bring out the colours in the clothes. I love to go there.

  2. Plenty of sparkle here!, Has the flash ‘softened’ the model’s clothing slightly as it isn’t as flamboyant as my mind is telling me it should be?

  3. The background suits the model, but it is a little more eye-catching than the model. A suggested above, brightening the model’s clothes should add back that missing element and give it the ‘Joie de vivre’ it deserves.

  4. A very good image but I think the background is over powering the figure, and I agree with other comments about the bottom RHS is too dark playing with the contrast to bring out the figure would improve the picture.

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