Red Apples

KEN is looking forward to your thoughts on RED APPLES

The apples follow on from the last session at the studio where you showed white items photographed against a white background and suggested we all tried something similar. I chose red, but we have only a few red things in the house mostly in the kitchen hence the apples.

6 thoughts on “Red Apples”

  1. Visually powerful. There is a painterly feel to the image which suits the subject and its tonality. Initially I found it too red, but that seems to go with continued viewing and the effect is not there on repeat viewings, so well done.

  2. A strong image, the colour works for me. The lighting is well handled. The black V middle top needs toning down just a tad.

  3. The close up view really work and the red idea has gives the whole image a really rich impact. The stalks facing toward each other have a sense of closeness but the distance adds tension. The touch of yellow at the centre of each image gives enough contact in colours to create a great balance.

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