6 thoughts on “Red Leader”

  1. The position of the rider is spot on and the leader stands out well in the image with the balance of the red kit of the cyclist in the background. for me it needs a little more space at the top as the crop cut the heads little low for my taste but its a difficult call in the circumstances.

  2. Well seen, cycling shots look easy, but they are difficult to convey the race. I think this has been captured well showing the peloton chasing the breakaway rider, but keeping him just in view. A sort of shot that you see in the cycling press. I like it, a great sport. ( I bet he didn’t win!)

  3. Red Leader
    Good composition and I think the depth of field here is great with the background cyclists suitably out of focus. I do find the colours in the background distracting, especially the reds… especially the reds in the top left corner. I think some desaturation of the background clothing and a vignette would improve the image.

  4. Well captured, though presented a little tight in the frame – I like the way the cyclists in the back ground seem to be just cruising along!

  5. I agree with most of the comments above, I’d like the subject to have a tad more room at the top and the peloton slightly desaturated.

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