7 thoughts on “Red Rock Coast”

  1. you do get about Chris, i would like to see this in a square
    format, some off the foreground and it would be a tighter
    crop and a bit more punch in the rocks it’s a tadge flat at the moment. 3*

  2. I quite like the format as it stands. My eye works its way up through the locks until they come to the lighthouse which acts as a good stopping point.

  3. Love the composition and portrait aspect. However I think I would take some off the top of the image which I don’t think adds anything. Colours are fab. I wonder if a little more light could be brought out on the side of the lighthouse which is blending into the rocks a bit. Not been to that area but I want to now I have seen this image.

  4. The only thing I would add, I would keep the format, but lighten the lighthouse a touch, or darken the rocks, just to make it stand out more

  5. What a stunning location – as an ex-geologist I agree on the radiance of pink granite! Have you tried a slight crop from the bottom (up to the first water inlet) which would make the lighthouse feel a little larger?

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