DIANNE – Red & Yellow Tulips


OLIVER Deceptively simple looking image which gives the viewer a warm feeling from the use of the excellent colour pallet used in the background to match the flowers. If you look hard you can almost make out a shadow figure behind the flowers which adds another dimension to the image. 

CHRIS E Lovely image and colour palette with extremely sympathetic background. Just one minor irritant in that my eye is drawn to the white mark at the bottom left of the left tulip. I know that it is pattern, but it looks like a scratch. 

JAMES Nice arrangement of three flowers but I feel the background is too intrusive and I’m struggling to enjoy the blooms. In particular, the right hand flower seems to be lost in the background. 

TILLMAN Super colour harmony, with an interesting background and texture. I’m not convinced about the texture appearing through the flowers as it makes the them blend into the b’ground.

COLIN Classy image , I like the combination of the flowers and the background.

KEITH A simple yet classic image, with an artists eye for the colour palette. Love the background, (or overlay), but would pull it back over the leaves and petals, as I find myself looking at the texture rather than the flowers.

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