8 thoughts on “Rob – Morning Stroll”

  1. A very dramatic gritty image which tells a wonderful story. The fact that it is in monochrome means that it is ageless. Wonderful lead in so that you see where the man is headed and even a lamp post at the end to hold the interest. Super image

  2. The first thing that stuck me was how clean it is. The control of the shadows is spot on.

    Terraced house tend to take you to the darkness of mill workers, so you’d expect dark skies but the fluffy white clouds at the end of the street give a whole new meaning – a man walking to the next life.

  3. Mono is the way to go with this type of image. Timeless and the man and shadow are in just the right place. I do however find the dark right hand side a bit heavy though.

  4. Nice street scene, I like the way the street takes you into and through the picture. Well positioned figure.

  5. We need to see more street photography as its social history. Agree about the image being a bit too dark on the RHS

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