7 thoughts on “Screen Time”

  1. Lot of attention to detail. Slight reflection of cat and light from edge of tablet. Lovely background texture that works particularly well with cat. Does the old feel of the texture compete with the ultra modern feel of the tablet?

  2. The old cat and mouse tale with a modern twist? The colour harmony throughout is great, as is the detail and tonal depth. The cat is looking at the tablet, imagine what it might look ,like if the cat had decided to interact with the tablet with a paw!! I can live with losing the corners of the tablet.

  3. Like the first image the cat looks fascinated. Second image would work with the same manipulation as the first image.

  4. I agree with Colin, the first image is excellent, she is really paying attention. I like the way the light is reflecting back in the top image, surprised it hasn’t done the same in the bottom one. A great idea and it works so well in the first image

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