Colin – SILO

SILO – . Printed on Epson Gloss

Storage tanks at Unilever Warrington. Taken from Bank Quay station.

DIANNE The pattern & colour give a real depth of fielded and then you look again and the the opposite way. I like the walkway taking into hidden lands, asks questions :O)

TILLMAN Like the stacking effect, along with the variety of colour, patterns and textures. Nice one!

GORDON Well seen image. like the tight crop, which works with colours of the silos. Colin….. Texture paper for this one.

JAMES Good crop to concentrate the interest. Look good in mono. !!! Only kidding. Love the corrosion.

OLIVER The abstract nature and colour pallet of this image works well for me – I could see it hanging in a modern office.

KEN I like the way the lines vertically across a strong landscape format and of course the colours just pull you in to the picture and hold you there. But I’m not sure about the column on the far left but cropping it out would put the purple on the edge of the frame and I don’t think that works either.

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